9 Habits That Might Get You in Trouble Around the World

In Spain, when you don’t kiss someone on the cheek the first time you meet them, it’s considered rude. This is an example of cultural etiquette, codes of behavior that change from one country to another. In some places, culture shock can happen, but we can always adapt to the manners the natives follow so we don’t come off as rude or annoying.

1. Eating with your hands in Chile

In Chile, you’re better off eating without ever touching your food. Chileans consider it distasteful to use your hands to eat anything, even snacks like French fries. That’s why they always have knife and fork ready for every meal.

2. Starting to eat before the eldest person at the table in Korea

Respect for elders is very important in Korean culture. Besides waiting for the elder person to start eating, you’re also expected to stay there until that person is finished. Also, when anyone older offers you a drink, you must accept it by lifting your glass with both hands.

3. Flipping over a fish in some parts of China

It is very traditional for Chinese people to serve an entire fish as a meal (on a plate). But bear in mind that, in some parts of this country, you should eat it the way it is served. Flipping over a fish is considered bad luck, and related to turning over a fishing boat.