9 Foods You Can Use to Keep Your Home Squeaky Clean

Although we assume household cleaners are safe, most all-purpose cleaning products are potentially toxic and can harm our health. Luckily, you can easily replace them with safer, eco-friendly options that really work.

1. Bananas

You can use bananas to make a trap for fruit flies. Put an old banana and some dish soap inside of a jar. Then roll a sheet of paper into a funnel shape and tape it so that it maintains the structure and add it to the opening of the jar. The sweet smell of the banana will attract the flies and the funnel and soap will make it hard for them to get back out of the jar.

2. Soda water

This popular drink makes for a great natural cleaner. Splash it over your bathroom mirror and then wipe it off with a sponge. You can also use it to clean your jewelry, your countertop, or to remove stains from your clothes.

3. Rice

If you have irregularly-shaped bottles or vases that are hard to clean, rice can serve as a perfect scrubbing agent. Use raw, uncooked rice and a bit of soapy water to reach the areas that can be hard to clean. All you need to do is put this mixture into a vase and swirl it around.