8 Unobvious Ways to Eat Healthier With Minimal Effort

In a fast-paced world, it’s not an easy task to eat healthier, especially when you don’t have the time or energy to cook. We want you to stay away from junk food and enjoy a healthy meal that will provide the maximum benefits to your body.

1. Use white beans in your next smoothie.

“Beans” and “smoothie” are 2 words you rarely put together in the same sentence. However, as it turns out, this is a priceless idea and it results in a magnificent taste. Indulging in smoothies is the perfect way to “eat your rainbow,” as well as balance your meal with many macronutrients. White beans are the answer here. They’re known as a tremendous source of protein, so next time you’re mixing different fruits, don’t forget some of these “magic beans” to enhance your body in a simple way.

2. Mix peanut butter with a bunch of different seeds.

Finding a breakfast that fills you up and keeps you satisfied in a healthy way can be hard, but we found a way to brighten up your morning. Take your regular jar of peanut butter and mix it with all types of seeds. Your next peanut butter toast snack will be just as delicious as always but now loaded with nutritious elementsvitamins, and protein in an easy way.


3. Steep your herbal tea with a lid on it.

Covering your tea while it steeps is very important for herbal teas because of the essential oils it contains. If you keep your cup without the lid, then essential oils will evaporate in the air and diffuse. When this happens, you lose many beneficial properties of the herbs.