8 Beauty Products That are Harming the Environment and 8 You Can Use Instead

Beauty doesn’t have to mean pain — and this applies both to us and the environment. Unfortunately, some beauty products aggravate our already-existing environmental problems. There’s even an estimation that states we could build 19 life-size Empire State Buildings with the amount of plastic in our oceans.

1. Sheet masks

Whoever has tried sheet masks before knows how soothing and relaxing they can be, but this beauty product also has a negative impact. Both the packaging and the sheet mask itself, after it’s used, end up in landfills, which is a major problem for our environment. An alternative to sheet masks? Homemade face masks made according to your needs, of course!

2. Makeup wipes

After a long day, makeup removal wipes come in handy. But the truth is, just like the aforementioned sheet masks, makeup removal wipes are a problem for the environment and end up getting washed up on coastlines. As an alternative to makeup wipes, cleansing creams and oils are an excellent choice!

3. Bath poufs

Bath poufs are awesome for creating that exfoliating shower experience we all love. Unfortunately, poufs made of plastic end up in landfills and oceans, causing big problems in nature and life. Knowing this, we don’t have to abolish bath poufs altogether, but rather, we can replace them with loofahs, which are a safe, natural, and very economical alternative!