20 Cats Reacting to Events That Are Entirely “New” to Them

Did you know that cats react very strangely when they see a cucumber? The reason for this is that cucumbers are somewhat like snakes in shape, color and smell, according to cats. Because of evolution and survival wiring, cats feel compelled to act quickly and follow their instincts, which in this case, are telling them to “leave ASAP.” Well, these kinds of “misunderstandings” happen to cats every day, and not only with cucumbers, but with many other things as well. And some cat owners manage to capture these perplexed kitty faces on camera.

1. “My cat just noticed that we have a ticking clock on our living room wall. We’ve been living here for 2 years.”

2. “What do you mean, ’rabies vaccine!?’”

3. “She can hear the plumbers working in the basement to repair a leak.”