16 Popular Fashion Rules That Are Too Outdated to Follow

The saying, “Rules exist to be broken” — is extremely true for fashion. Today, it’s no longer possible to follow the rules of style that were instilled in us by our mothers and grandmothers. It’s time to reconsider this outdated concept of style — some things should be forgotten completely, and others should be just slightly updated.

Myth 1. Small breasts need to be hidden or visually enlarged.

Push-up bras with 3 layers of padding are no longer relevant. Small breasts are becoming trendy as another form of body positivity. If, in the past, women with small breasts resorted to various tricks and artificially enlarged their breasts, now, this is no longer necessary — many women have discarded outdated stereotypes about the necessity to have large breasts and dared to be themselves.

Myth 2. It’s necessary to wear a belt with jeans or trousers.

Many people still believe that it’s necessary to wear a belt if there are belt loops on your trousers. However, this idea might just overload your look. And if the trousers fit your body perfectly and don’t fall off, you can totally go without a belt. If you wear a simple outfit like jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers, this accessory will be superfluous. But when you create a more formal look with trousers and a shirt, it can serve as an additional accent that will make your look more elegant.

Myth 3. One of the print colors should be represented in other clothing items.

It’s said that if you wear a 3-color dress (for example, a print that combines red, green, and orange), the accessories you wear should be of one of these shades. But modern fashion is breaking this rule. If your outfit is bright, it’s already an accent, so there is no need to incorporate the colors already present in the outfit into the rest of the elements of your look.