15 Things in Japan That Make Everyone Feel Loved and Cared For

Japan is known for its great inventions, but it doesn’t stop at just big things like robots. The little everyday things, like providing baskets for customers to put their bags in when dining in a restaurant, show that Japan always has everyone’s best interests at heart.

1. Car stickers for the disabled

The International Symbol of Access is a label with a person in a wheelchair, but Japan chooses to use a 4-leaf clover for a handicapped driver’s mark instead. The reason is to avoid any confusion that makes one think that all disabled people use a wheelchair. Since a 4-leaf clover is generally considered lucky because it is not very common, the symbol gives the idea of being unique, instead of lacking abilities.

2. Car stickers for elderly drivers

It is recommended for drivers who are 70 years old or older to use the elderly car mark (or Kōreisha mark), especially if their age could affect their driving. Drivers aged 75 and over are required to display this mark. This way, other drivers can be aware and be more considerate of the elderly driver. Having this mark also gives drivers the right to park in a reserved parking space.

3. Pregnancy badges for pregnant ladies

pregnancy badge with, “There is a baby in my stomach,” written on it can be displayed by pregnant ladies so that other train takers can give up their seats on crowded trains. This is to make pregnancy a little less straining and stressful.