13 Table Manners That Only True Ladies Know About

From time to time, we all go to restaurants where we are supposed to show our good table manners. Norms of behavior like not keeping your elbows on the table, holding a knife in your right hand, and not talking with a full mouth are well-known. But there are many more rules than you might think and not knowing them might damage your reputation.

1. You can eat chicken with your hands.

The etiquette rules say that we should eat fowl with cutlery if we are in an official environment. However, some exceptions might apply here as well: some catering places provide a finger bowl. This means that the food can be taken with your hands and later washed in the finger bowl that has water with lemon.

2. Avoid leaving lipstick stains on cloth napkins.

13 Table Manners That Only True Ladies Know About

As a general rule of thumb, napkins are placed on laps and they can be used for wiping the mouth while eating. It’s not recommended to do this if there is lipstick on your lips, because a lipstick-stained napkin is an indicator of bad manners. Try using tissues. If there are no tissues on your table, ask the waiter to bring some.

3. Also make sure not to leave lipstick stains on glassware.

Don’t take your lipstick stains on your glassware for granted — this is actually quite a rude violation of dining table etiquette. If you are afraid that your lipstick might leave traces on your drinking cup or glass, blot your lips with a tissue before starting to drink.