12 Simple Cleaning Mistakes We Could All Be Making Right Now

4. Adding too much detergent

Although it may be tempting to add some extra detergent to our washing machines if some items are particularly dirty, it should be avoided. This is because the excess soapy detergent left in our clothes actually attracts dust and dirt to them more quickly since they stick to the fabric. It can also stain our clothes with white detergent.

5. Putting small pieces or wooden items in the dishwasher

Kitchenware such as graters, garlic pressers, and zesters do not belong in the dishwasher because they may develop mold. This is because they have small holes and spaces in them where food can remain trapped and damp.

Wooden spoons should also be kept out of the dishwasher as the warm and damp environment will promote the growth of mold.


6. Using a disinfectant wipe on everything

We must make sure that we don’t spread bacteria across our homes when using these handy cleaning wipes. When cleaning with them, it’s important to frequently use new ones so that we don’t spread harmful bacteria over different surfaces.