12 Simple Cleaning Mistakes We Could All Be Making Right Now

Contact time is crucial for effective cleaning, something that many of us may be doing wrong. Unless we know where the hotspots are and how to deal with them, we may be ineffectively cleaning by leaving behind harmful bacteria. Worse still, our mistakes could be causing more damage to our homes than help.

1. Not using enough contact time

We may not be using the cleaning products correctly simply because we’re not following its recommended contact time for it to effectively kill the surface bacteria. Read the label to see how long the cleaner needs to be left on before wiping it off.

2. Using chemical drain cleaners too often

Although these can be very useful to unblock our drains when nothing else can, they may be damaging our pipes. Because the chemicals are so harsh, they can eat away at our metal pipes if they’re sitting there because it’s so blocked, especially if they’re old pipes.

3. Using lemon or vinegar on stone countertops

These 2 items are extremely useful for cleaning, however, when it comes to stone surfaces, they should be kept away. This is because of their high levels of acid that can eat away at the stone, leaving it with blemishes known as etches.