11 Tips That Can Help You Do Laundry Like a Pro

We are constantly putting our clothes under stress when we launder them, especially our silk items, according to this study. Therefore, it is important to have a few trusty tricks up your sleeve when it comes to laundry, not just to protect your clothes, but to also make the process easier!

1. Wash delicates in a salad spinner.

This handy kitchen gadget is also perfect for your laundry, especially when it comes to delicates that need handwashing. Simply add your bras and other delicate items into the strainer and wet them under the tap before adding some detergent and spinning. Leave them for 10 minutes before rinsing them under the tap to wash out the soap.

2. Hook your bras and close all of your zippers.

It is advisable to protect your bras when you wash them, by hooking them closed. This will prevent the hooks from bending and the elastic from being stretched out of shape, as well as snagging on other clothes.

To prevent further tears and snags, you should make sure all of your jean’s zippers are zipped up all the way, so they don’t get damaged, and so that their teeth can’t catch ahold of the rest of your clothes.

3. Unbutton your dress shirts.

It is best to leave the buttons undone on this item, because you could be damaging it otherwise. When left buttoned-up, you may start to notice that the buttonholes are getting damaged and that the buttons are becoming loose.