10+ Tips for How to Choose the Perfect Jeans

On average, women have 7 pairs of jeans in their wardrobes. Today, this piece of clothing has become truly universal. If you wear the right clothes with jeans, you can wear them to the theater or to a business meeting. But it’s often really hard to find the right model of denim — one that can hide the flaws and highlight the advantages of the body.

1. Size

If you try on jeans that are a bit narrow for you, don’t take them off right away. The thing is, jeans stretch and over time, and they will get bigger by about half a size. The waist and the upper back part will stretch — this is where the biggest tension is. If you are trying on jeans that are a bit loose, they will lose shape very soon and won’t look all that good.

How to tell the perfect jeans from those that are too small? Sit down in the chair in the fitting room: if the jeans make it difficult for you to breathe and move, the size is too small. If they are just a bit too tight but you can handle it, this is the perfect size!

2. Fabric

In good denim, you can see the threads intertwining — the diagonal lines. The outside part of the jeans has to be darker than the inside. The thing is, in denim, only the threads that are seen on the outside are dyed, this is why denim is lighter on the inside.

3. Metal parts

The zipper, buttons, and other elements should be made of metal (copper, aluminum, nickel, or brass). The metal parts are more durable and they are good for denim.

Make sure that the metal pieces are made well, that there are no defects on them, and that the zipper holds well when it’s up. Otherwise, you might have some embarrassing situations in the future.