10 Things That Any Lazy Housekeeper Needs to Have in Their Kitchen

Each modern housekeeper has at least once heard the phrase, “Why do you need a dishwasher? After all, people have been washing the dishes with their hands and it’s totally okay.” For some reason, having useful inventions that simplify household chores is condemned and considered a manifestation of laziness. But we believe that it’s not laziness, but rather, a respectful attitude toward yourself and your own time. Why spend hours making your kitchen look neat after cooking dinner if everything can actually be done in half the time?

A kitchen splash protector

While cooking, splashes of oil and sauce inevitably get on the wall behind the stove and on the countertop. It’s quite difficult to wash these stains out, even from the counter, while the wall can become ruined if you don’t cover it with tiles. But there’s a much simpler way out — you can buy aluminum barriers and install them around the stove while cooking. They can be used multiple times and are easy to wash. Such splash protectors will keep you away from extra work and protect your kitchen from stains.

A lid and spatula holder

Sometimes it’s quite hard to find the right place to put down a spatula or spoon while you’re using it to stir a dish. Should we just put it down on the counter? Then it will leave stains that you’ll have to wipe away. Oftentimes, we put an extra plate next to the stove and put the spatula there. But a special holder would actually take up less space. You can place a lid on one side to let the grease collect in a pile and leave the spatula on the other.

A phone or tablet holder

We often use a phone when in the kitchen: sometimes we need to look up a recipe, set a timer, or simply check our social media accounts while the meat is being stewed. In order to prevent the smartphone or tablet from getting in our way but at the same time have it handy, you can get yourself a special holder.