10 Peculiar Things About the German Lifestyle That Will Astonish Any Visitor

It is one thing to come to Germany as a tourist and notice a couple of peculiarities (for example, they don’t wear swimsuits in public baths and locker rooms are unisex there). But it is another thing when you live in the country for a while and learn the peculiarities of the Germans in their everyday life.

1. The toilets in many German apartments are built into the walls.

Very few German bathrooms have regular toilet bowls. In Germany, it is customary to install toilets with hidden tanks, and the toilets themselves are mounted directly into the wall. This leaves a lot of space under them. First, it saves space, and second, it makes cleaning easier.

There are usually 2 buttons for flushing water — large and small. This is an environmentally-friendly feature that is done to conserve water.

2. They usually have a window in the bathroom.

Most German apartments and houses don’t have air conditioning or even ventilation, although modern buildings usually have ventilation. The Germans ventilate their apartments by opening the windows.

The bathrooms also lack a ventilation system, so there is a window. This prevents mold from forming in the bathroom.

3. The doors in many houses can be locked from the inside only, with a key.

The main doors in German houses are a real quest for beginners. If you go out and slam the door, you won’t be able to get back in without a key because there is usually no handle on the back of the door that you can turn.

When you enter the house, you can lock and open the door from the inside only with a key. There is no latch you can turn.