10+ Foods That Make You Feel Hungry (and What to Eat Instead)

Some people find themselves getting hungry just a short while after they’ve eaten, whether it was a little snack or a whole meal. The truth is that the problem might not be the quantity, but the quality, of the food you’ve eaten. A lot of foods, even otherwise healthy ones, lack certain proteins or fiber, so they actually leave you feeling hungry. On the other hand, a simple replacement, or even preparing your favorite foods in a different way, can have the opposite effect: making you feel satisfied.

1. French fries

French-fried potatoes are filled with trans fats and salt that harm the hormones in our stomachs that are related to helping us feel full. And adding ketchup, which contains high fructose corn syrup, doesn’t help. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy potatoes: just have them boiled. This way, you enjoy more vitamins and resistant starch, which works like fiber, satisfies hunger, and gets you to eat fewer calories.

2. Fruit juice

You might think that your glass of orange juice is making you a little bit healthier each day, but it can actually make you hungry. That’s because it lacks an important part of the fruit that makes it so filling: the fiber. In addition, this beverage can spike your blood sugar, cause you to crash, and make you feel hungry. The healthier alternative is water with pieces of fruit in it.

3. Low-fat yogurt

Yogurts are known for being healthy, especially the low-fat variants, but they can still leave you feeling kind of hungry. Just shop around when it comes to yogurt. Avoid ones that are high in carbs. Plain Greek-style or strained yogurt has enough protein to keep you satisfied.