10 Foods That Can Boost Your Immunity Naturally

More than 23 million people fall ill each year just by eating contaminated food, according to WHO. And as per another report, there are as many different viruses as there are stars in the sky. To keep our bodies from becoming sick, the best solution is to build up our immunity from within. Thankfully, it’s actually easy to achieve.

1. Almonds

Aside from an ounce of almonds having the same calcium value as 1/4 cup of milk, these wonderful nutrients can help keep your body fit. According to researchers, almonds boost the immune system, especially against viruses. High in vitamin E and fiber, they can also keep your blood sugar in check.

2. Sunflower seeds

A perfectly healthy snack, sunflower seeds can also prove to be your savior when it comes to immunity. They reduce the risk of various chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s, they keep your heart healthy, and they also prevent sickness. It also works wonders for expecting mothers and helps the fetus to healthily develop.

3. Papaya

Rich in antioxidants, the papaya is a tasty choice loaded with benefits. Some of these include fighting inflammation, reducing the risk of cancer, and keeping digestion in check.