10+ Foods Scraps You Can Actually Eat

Food waste is a worldwide problem with more than one-third of available food going uneaten. The good news is that there are several scraps that can be saved to use for delicious and nutritional solutions. Most people don’t know, but eggshells can be transformed into calcium powder, watermelon rinds can be pickled and cauliflower leaves can become a delicious soup, just to name a few examples.

1. Eggshells

People with a calcium deficiency can get what they need from eggshells, since they are rich in this vital mineral. And since you wouldn’t just eat eggshells as is, the solution is to transform the eggshells into a calcium powder that you can put directly into your daily smoothie or that you can blend into your food.

2. Watermelon rinds

Watermelon is considered to be the favorite summer fruit of many people, but is very common to throw away all of its rinds. In reality, some people say watermelon rinds are very similar to a cucumber in taste and texture, making them the perfect candidate to make pickles with. They can be eaten as a snack or with other pickled veggies.

3. Cauliflower leaves

Cauliflower is trending now because of their never-ending cooking possibilities, but you won’t really see many recipes with their leaves. A good source of minerals, beta carotene, iron, and calcium, they are as delicious and versatile as the vegetable itself, whether making a nutritious soup or a crispy, healthy snack.