10+ Daily Routines We Ought to Quit Today

Some of our habits can be harmful over time, such as wearing skinny jeans or using chapstick. We may not realize it, but there are some unhealthy side effects for many of the things we do every day. This is especially true when we repeat them day after day, giving them the time to negatively impact our health.

1. Wearing lots of makeup

This is especially true in hot weather or while at the gym when your face tends to sweat. Makeup doesn’t let the skin cool down correctly and stops our pores from sweating properly. It can actually be super unhealthy for our skin as it can cause conditions such as rosacea.

2. Using shampoo before conditioner

Using shampoo first can actually make the hair more oily. If you’re someone whose hair becomes oily, flat, or weighed down after washing, then you may be washing it incorrectly. It can be better to apply conditioner before shampoo for fine, dry, and damaged hair types.

This is because the conditioner works as a primer when added first, protecting your hair from being stripped of its natural oils. It also allows the shampoo to be spread evenly across your hair.

3. Lying awake in bed

This is because we can begin to associate our beds with the stress and anxiety of not being able to sleep. Instead, it’s better to leave your bed after 20 minutes to another room, if possible, and do something relaxing, such as reading.